Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown have such a huge range of accessories to complement your wardrobe, it would be nearly impossible to mention them all. Rather than showcasing each and every one of them, Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown have compiled a few tips on the most popular accessories, and invite you to visit the store when you need ties, cuff links, belts, handkerchiefs and any other accessory you may need. And if you ever get so overwhelmed by the range of stylish accessories at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown (and well you may!) but need to buy a gift for a special gentleman in your life, then take advantage of a Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Gift Voucher, and leave the hard work of decision-making to him!


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Accesories

Neckties – ensure the length is equal to your belt buckle
Handkerchief – when choosing the colour of your handkerchief, choose the major colour in your tie to match
Belts – the colour of your belt should always match your shoe colour
Hats – to be worn one centimetre above your ears, but with a slight twist over the left eye
Cuff links – are as individual as you are, and should always peek out from under your suit jacket sleeve
Aftershave – instead of spraying directly on your skin, spray a fine mist into the air then walk into it and let it settle
Socks – always go for natural fibre rather than polyester, as this will enable your feet to breathe and stay drier
Scarves – when wearing a silk scarf, it should be worn over your dinner jacket but below your lapel. When wearing wool, cashmere or alpaca, they can be worn knotted or wrapped around your neck