Business Shirts

Quite often the closest thing to your skin for the entire working day, your business shirt needs to look and feel good on.

When choosing your business shirts, go beyond colour…

Look at whether it’s two-ply cotton or European fabrics…

Look at whether it’s French cuff, single or two-way cuff…

Look at whether it’s Cardinal Collar, Spread Collar, Peak Collar or Contrast Collar where the collar and cuff are white while the rest of the shirt is in another colour or stripe.

In addition, newer cuts in shirts at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown are available in full-cut, European and tailored or slim-fit to suit every man’s physique, and that’s why it’s important to have your business shirts measured and fit by a professional.


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Business Shirts

Tip 1: Business shirts are measured around the neckline, but it is important to ensure that you leave a finger’s width space for comfort and the ability to breathe.
Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to coordinate stripes, checks and spots. What may seem awkward in theory will look quite fetching in reality! The days of “Blue and green should never be seen” are well and truly behind us.
Tip 3: When wearing your shirts, your sleeves should fall about an inch below your wristbones.