Whether for business, for a formal engagement or for a casual affair, Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown carry a wide range of shoes to fit every occassion as well as every foot.

Brands include:
– Brando,
– Florsheim,
– Bartalesi
– Karandonis
– Rockport
– Sebago
– Line 7


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Footwear

Tip 1. The sole of a well-made shoe will not be glued to the bottom of the shoe, but stitched.
Tip 2. Never wear your shoes on consecutive days. Always give time for your shoes to dry and for better recovery time invest in a shoe tree.
Tip 3. When trying on shoes, make it later in the day rather than first thing, as your feet will expand and swell a touch as the day goes on. Also, when trying on shoes wear the type of socks you’ll be wearing when you step out in them.