For black tie or red carpet functions, a business suit just won’t suit – you need to ensure you look your best in quality formal wear from Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown.

Some men get nervous when getting invited to one of these events, but with the helpful advice of the team at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown, you’ll be assured of looking sharp and elegant no matter what the occassion.

Classic Black Tie – Black and White is the colour theme that underpins this dress standard.

Creative Black Tie – The evolution of formal fashion brings a host of different styles and colours for the fomal function that invites individuality.

Morning Wear – Morning Wear is traditionally appropriate for formal functions held before 4pm

White Tie (or full dress) is the height of formality.

If your event or function is a one-off affair, then perhaps you’d feel more comfortable hiring your suit for the evening. Click HERE to visit our Suit Hire page.


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Formalwear

Tip 1: Shirt studs should co-ordinate with cuff links.
Tip 2: For a classic or traditional black tie event, a black or white bowtie.
Tip 3: Pocket squares should be white but can co-ordinate with bowtie for creative black tie affairs.