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When you need a formal suit or sports coat, the first question that needs to be answered is whether it’s for business or pleasure.


If it’s for business we’ll look at colour, three button or two button, double breasted or single breasted and fabrics such as pure wool, wool-cashmere or wool-silk blends and how often you’ll be wearing it to make sure your suit suits you.


If it’s for pleasure such as a wedding, engagement, or a day at the races, we’ll ask all these questions, plus the most important one “What is your lady wearing?” to ensure your suit not only suits you but suits her as well.


When these questions have all been answered, the professional wardrobe consultants at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown will show you a selection that will let you stride out in style with over 600 suits and sports coats in stock at any one time.




For black tie or red carpet functions, a business suit just won’t suit – you need to ensure you look your best in quality formal wear from Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown.

Some men get nervous when getting invited to one of these events, but with the helpful advice of the team at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown, you’ll be assured of looking sharp and elegant no matter what the occasion.

Classic Black Tie - Black and White is the colour theme that underpins this dress standard.
Creative Black Tie - The evolution of formal fashion brings a host of different styles and colours for the formal function that invites individuality.
Morning Wear -  Morning Wear is traditionally appropriate for formal functions held before 4pm.
White Tie -  (or full dress) is the height of formality.

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Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Formalwear

Tip 1: Shirt studs should co-ordinate with cuff links.
Tip 2: For a classic or traditional black tie event, a black or white bowtie.
Tip 3: Pocket squares should be white but can co-ordinate with bowtie for creative black tie affairs.


Business Shirts-min


Quite often the closest thing to your skin for the entire working day, your business shirt needs to look and feel good on.


When choosing your business shirts, go beyond colour…

Look at whether it’s two-ply cotton or European fabrics…

Look at whether it’s French cuff, single or two-way cuff…

Look at whether it’s Cardinal Collar, Spread Collar, Peak Collar or Contrast Collar where the collar and cuff are white while the rest of the shirt is in another colour or stripe.


In addition, newer cuts in shirts at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown are available in full-cut, European and tailored or slim-fit to suit every man’s physique, and that’s why it’s important to have your business shirts measured and fit by a professional.


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Business Shirts

Tip 1: Business shirts are measured around the neckline, but it is important to ensure that you leave a finger’s width space for comfort and the ability to breathe.
Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to coordinate stripes, checks and spots. What may seem awkward in theory will look quite fetching in reality! The days of “Blue and green should never be seen” are well and truly behind us.
Tip 3: When wearing your shirts, your sleeves should fall about an inch below your wrist-bones.


Casual Wear-min


With quality brands such as Ben Sherman, Ganton, Brooksfield and John Lennon Shirts the casual wear at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown will keep you ahead of style and up to date even when dressing down.


From jeans and casual trousers to jackets and vests and a huge range of casual shirts, you’ll be able to mix and match to achieve the look that will turn heads on the weekend.


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Casual Wear

Tip 1: It’s casual wear – relax and enjoy it!


Leather Wear-min


Leather is one part of your wardrobe that will stand the test of time.


From the fifties to today, leather is a fashion icon that is long-lasting and a real investment – if you select a quality leather jacket or coat in the right style it will be a part of your ensemble for the rest of your life.


Styles of leather wear can include bomber jackets, sports coat styles, anoraks, mandarin or neru collars, and the trench-coat styles as seen in The Matrix.


Brands of leather wear available at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown include Jacques, Boston and Edgemont.


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Leather Wear

Tip 1: When wearing leather, make sure it’s of high quality and has been treated with Scotchguard at the time of manufacture. This will help you in the long run should the jacket ever get wet at any stage as inferior leather can crack.
Tip 2: To make sure your leather jacket or coat lasts longer, only ever use products that have been specially formulated for leather garments, NEVER use shoe cream, saddle soap, cleaning fluid on leather garments. Always use specialist dry cleaners if cleaning is necessary.
Tip 3: Always store leather on a well-shaped hanger in a breathable natural fibre bag to allow air to circulate.




The knitwear at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown come in a wide variety of styles, as well as in a wide variety of natural fibres such as cashmere, lambswool, Merino, and cotton.


Cashmere is the fine underfleece of Mongolian goats. This precious and delicate fibre is luxurious to wear, and has been worn by royalty and admired throughout the world.


Lambswool is a very lightweight fibre and is generally of a high quality as it is shorn from a lamb (baby sheep). As such, the fibres are younger, softer and feel amazing when worn.


Merino is also high-quality and luxurious, but is more hardwearing and durable than lambswool. Many of the Merino woollen jumpers at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown are fully machine-washable.


Cotton knitwear can be worn trans-seasonally, being a natural fibre it is lightweight and breathable and can be worn year round.


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Knitwear

Tip 1: Top quality knitwear should be stored in zip-seal or vacuum bags in the wardrobe to protect the garment from moths and silverfish.
Tip 2: When you are washing your knitwear, invest in a top-quality wool-wash, and follow the washing instructions to the letter. Do not hang them on a clothes line as they can lose shape – just lay them flat in the shade.
Tip 3: After a few wears, you may notice that your knitwear is “pilling” – small balls of fibre forming on the surface. Don’t fret, these can be easily removed using a de-piller.




Whether for business, for a formal engagement or for a casual affair, Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown carry a wide range of shoes to fit every occassion as well as every foot.


Brands include:
– Florsheim,
– Bartalesi
– Karandonis


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Footwear

Tip 1: The sole of a well-made shoe will not be glued to the bottom of the shoe, but stitched.
Tip 2: Never wear your shoes on consecutive days. Always give time for your shoes to dry and for better recovery time invest in a shoe tree.
Tip 3: When trying on shoes, make it later in the day rather than first thing, as your feet will expand and swell a touch as the day goes on. Also, when trying on shoes wear the type of socks you’ll be wearing when you step out in them.




Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown have such a huge range of accessories to complement your wardrobe, it would be nearly impossible to mention them all. Rather than showcasing each and every one of them, Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown have compiled a few tips on the most popular accessories, and invite you to visit the store when you need ties, cuff links, belts, handkerchiefs and any other accessory you may need. And if you ever get so overwhelmed by the range of stylish accessories at Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown (and well you may!) but need to buy a gift for a special gentleman in your life, then take advantage of a Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Gift Voucher, and leave the hard work of decision-making to him!


Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown Tips On Accesories


Neckties – ensure the length is equal to your belt buckle.
Handkerchief – when choosing the colour of your handkerchief, choose the major colour in your tie to match
Belts – the colour of your belt should always match your shoe colour
Hatsto be worn one centimetre above your ears, but with a slight twist over the left eye
Cuff links – are as individual as you are, and should always peek out from under your suit jacket sleeve
Aftershave – instead of spraying directly on your skin, spray a fine mist into the air then walk into it and let it settle
Socks – always go for natural fibre rather than polyester, as this will enable your feet to breathe and stay drier
Scarves – when wearing a silk scarf, it should be worn over your dinner jacket but below your lapel. When wearing wool, cashmere or alpaca, they can be worn knotted or wrapped around your neck


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